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Vector UI License

Licensing agreement

By purchasing a resource (“item”) you are being granted a license to use these files for specific uses under certain conditions.

  • This license grants the user an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide license to utilize the digital work ("Item").

  • You are licensed to use the Item to create unlimited End Products for yourself or for your clients and the End Product may be sold, licensed, sublicensed or freely distributed.


License Types

Starter License

Single license is defined as using the purchased item individually. You can use purchased item for commercial work, but you are not allowed to license, sublicense or distribute, share and make any copies of the purchased item. You can use single license on any number of projects when end users are not charged but when end users are charged you need professional license

Professional License

Professional License is similar to starter license, but you have right to request design decision help up to 2 times per month and 8h prior customer support with every ticket. You also get design system documentation in supernova. You can use extended license on any number of projects when end users are or are not charged. Professional license comes with right to request 1 custom component.

Enterprise License


By default, when Enterprise license purchased, you can distribute it to up to 5 copies. That means you are allowed to share 5 copies of the item with up to 5 people working with you. Enterprise license is meant for unlimited projects when end user is charged. You have right to request design decision help up to 2 times per month and 8h prior customer support with every ticket. Enterprise license comes with right to request 1 custom component.


End Product

The end product is one of the following:

  • Final item prepared with framely e.g. finished website or app

  • End Product including the structure of framely Figma file but different visual aspect

What you can and can't do

You are allowed to:

  • You can create an end product for a client

  • You can sell, license, sublicense or distribute End product in any number of copies

  • Use it in any number of project when single license. Use it in only on 3 projects when team license

  • You can publish the file in your Figma file library and use it alone (single license) or with a team (Team license)

You are not allowed to:

  • You can’t share file to the web, distribute, sell original or modified version of file without our approval

  • You can distribute original or modified file as a tool, product, UI kit etc. without our approval

  • You can share or publish a file in your team library or with your teammates without team license

  • PS. If you have a good idea on UI kit etc. Contact us! We're always happy to work on projects

Extend License

If you want to extend your license, contact us. Click here for pricing



We want you to always be satisfied, so You are allowed to return a purchased item, contacting us up to 7 days after you made a purchased. Before refund, we may ask you for a reason, but just for us to know what to improve. For a refund, contact us


  • Framely is not be responsible for any outcome that may occur during the course of usage of our resources.

  • Design Decision Help - One of the things that make framely stand out is that we are not leaving you alone after purchase, if you need a help from professional designer you can request it few times a month (depends on your package). Remember that we won't design whole project for you 😅 but rather help with a small design problem e.g. helping with what's best for user, giving few tips for your design or help to find the app style etc.

  • Prior to Customer Support - You can ask unlimited questions about Framely or Figma. If it's prior it means you will get your answer in max. 12h! (However, sometimes this time may extend to 24 hours). But remember to write from email that was used for purchase or attach a license key in your message

  • Ticket - When you request a help from us, we start a new ticket and help you

  • Custom Component - We can create a completely custom component for you that will work perfectly with framely system, with component you will receive a text and video guide how to use it